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CPL Course

Concealed Pistol License

September 24th, 2023 

Shooters Outfitters & Indoor Range

CPL Course on September 24, 2023!

What you will be learning:

You'll be learning both hands-on in the range
and coursework in the classroom.

Event Date | Time
September 24!

The Course Time:
Starts at 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

CPL Course Cost:
The cost for each person is $150.00.

How To Register:
You Must Call To Register

Contact Information:

231-421-9222 Spots are limited!

Reserve yours Today; do not wait; the class holds a maximum of 18!

Shooters Outfitters & Indoor Range
5333 Curtis Road Traverse City, Michigan 49685.

For more information, Contact Your Instructor, Clayton

Email Clayton, [email protected]

    WHAT  IS A CPL?    


In ​Michigan, CPL stands for ​Concealed Pistol License. It is a permit that allows individuals to carry a concealed pistol for personal protection.

The ​CPL course in Michigan refers to the mandatory training program that individuals must complete to apply for a CPL. The course covers firearm safety, legal aspects of carrying a concealed pistol, and basic marksmanship skills.

The training ensures that CPL holders have the knowledge and skills to carry a concealed firearm responsibly. Upon completing the course, individuals can submit their application for a CPL to the local county clerk's office for further processing.

September 1, 2023


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